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Fokus Fabrik was founded in 2005 by designers Tiia Eronen, Eeva Heikkinen, Laura Järveläinen, and Hanna Kerman. The collection immediately aroused much interest in Finland and abroad. Eeva Heikkinen and Laura Järveläinen have a master's degree in design from the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and Tiia Eronen and Hanna Kerman have a master's degree in design from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, Sweden.

As designers we are convinced that every business should be completely concerned with beauty. It is, after all, a collective human need. The beauty of our daily surroundings has always been a major inspiration and passion for us. Today, for many people classic undisturbed nature is becoming more and more difficult to reach. Thus, there is a need to find the beauty of nature in everyone's daily surroundings. A blend of man-made urban environment and nature, or as we call it, 'Urban nature' is a wide concept - it doesn't include only grass, flowers and trees, but also people, buildings, and traffic - in other words, modern infrastructure in general. This dynamic environment with fascinating colors of different signs, buildings with some leafy trees of striking shape, and the horizon looked from afar, reconstructs itself in our minds over and over again into various combinations of shapes and colors.

Sustainability is a guideline for us - we don't want to compromise on contemporary design and ecological thinking. Right from the beginning it was obvious that we'll produce the collection in Finland to guarantee ethical and sustainable conditions and use ecological materials. Our collection is designed to encourage a long view and to celebrate slowness - our collection includes prints that are long-lasting and doesn't need to change every season. Our desire is to participate in the contemporary world, and to release ourselves from antiquated traditions, nostalgia, kitsch and the meaningless. We want to be conscious and attune with the world in this moment.

Learn something more about the designers behind Fokus Fabrik:

Tiia likes timeless design with insightful ideas. She wants to depict the beauty of everyday life on her pattern design. She has recently taken up a couple of new hobbies - ice hockey and cross stitch works with folklore patterns.

Eeva is fascinated by the nature's phenomena that go unnoticed for most people. Eeva likes to wander around city streets and take trips to the lap of nature. She feels that every once in a while we are all in need of some sweet surprise, so she bakes the most perfect tasting cheesecake for the rest of the group.

Laura gets inspiration from minimalist combinations of figures and pure colors. Even she loves the spirit of the city once and a while she heads to the countryside for hunt mushrooms. She owns a wide selection of impressive rings made of plastic, felt, and glass in bright shades of pink, green, and black.

Hanna feels like covering all the empty surfaces with joy, prints, and color. She also loves a rich bright color palette. Playfulness is an important aspect of her work which might be one of the reasons she's full of energy all day long.

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