Fokus Fabrik was founded in 2005 by four finnish designers, Tiia Eronen, Eeva Heikkinen, Laura Järveläinen, and Hanna Kerman.

Eeva Heikkinen and Laura Järveläinen have a master's degree in design from the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and Tiia Eronen and Hanna Kerman have a master's degree in design from the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås, Sweden.

The designers are fascinated by the tension of opposites: man-made and natural, black and white. A blend of man-made urban environment and nature, 'Urban nature' is a real treasure. This dynamic ambience with striking colors, buildings, traffic, and nature reconstruct over and over again into various combinations of shapes and colors.

Eeva is fascinated by the nature's phenomena and that’s why she takes every now and then trips to the lap of nature. Eeva has designed patterns Honka and Mystika.

Hanna wants to cover the world with joy and colors. Hanna has designed patterns Katve and Vilske prints.

Laura gets inspiration from the spirit of the city, minimalist combinations of figures and pure colors. Laura has designed patterns Fuusio, Koneisto and Populaatio.

Tiia likes timeless design with insightful ideas. She wants to depict the beauty of everyday life on her pattern design. Tiia has designed pattern Aarni.